German Language Online Apps “DaFür” receive Innovation Award

DaFür from EUROKEY is a combination of learning apps that help refugees in learning German. They are available in the App Store and Google Play as well as in the internet and address Kurdish, Farsi and Arabic speakers. The “Dafür-App” consists of different modules on topics like “Health”,”Shopping”, “Living”, “Public Authorities”, “Making appointments” each of which contains videos, vocabulary, grammar and exercises.
The “DaFür-Wortschatz Trainer” is also an app, but it focusses on vocabulary (“Wortschatz”).
The project has been developed in 2015 and recently awarded the Innovation Award from DIE, Deutsches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung (German Institute for Adult Education). Congratulations!
Find more on DaFür or just download a module on your mobile phone.